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Leaders Make Decisions but You're Stuck with the Subordinates 

Leaders decide whether there will be any purchases or investments. They decide what level of spending they will make depending on the magnitude of the problem/s it solves or the expected revenue reward it yields.  They don’t decide based on price.


They also decide who the supplier will be.  They base their decision on whose product or service will do the most, with the least risk for them professionally and personally.


They delegate their subordinates to do all the investigations, bidding, and jawboning, but the leader makes the final call.


Executives listen to each other for suggestions and concurrence. Subordinates can be and are often dismissed.


The Situation That Commonly Occurs - Bids, Purchasing, and Proposals


Subordinates, consultants and purchasing people are usually directed to investigate a solution to a problem or opportunity.  They ask for proposals and they decide what to do with it.  If it fits their expectation, they pass the information upward for further actions and approvals.


The Resulting Problem - Stuck in the Purchasing Trenches


Too much time is wasted and too much money is spent trying to get friendly.  The people that are impressed with social encounters and gratuities are usually lower levels and do this with all vendors.    In this case no one has a competitive advantage.  Social relationships will not bind you to an individual professionally.


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