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Take Me To Your Leader$ Seminar Package

C-Level Selling Training PackageSeminar Series Includes:

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Complete CD Seminars Package Set, and more 

Sales Training for the 21st Century 

CD Seminars Package

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Buying Triggers

Interviewing and Presenting

Matching Chemistry's

Getting Past Gatekeepers and Handling Blockers

Selling at C-Levels and Developing Relationships

Plus:  One Hour of a One-on-One Consulting Session with Sam Manfer

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Take Me To Your Leader$

Actions to Develop and Use Executive Relationships

People with connections to the Top Managers sell more and get better prices.

Learn how to be escorted into the senior execs offices and how to be seen as Competent, Confident and Credible.

You will sell more in a shorter time with less effort. You will negotiate and/or control the bid.  There will be fewer problems with  competition or budget issues. Strategic information will be gathered with a simple phone call or visit. Accessing anyone will be easy.

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Take Me To Your Leader$ for Engineers and Doer-Sellers

C-Level Selling EngineersActions to Use Your Presence and Credibility to Develop and Leverage Executive Relationships

Professionals focus on doing their job well.  However, their performance and presence gives them the most credibility and access to the top managers.  Unfortunately professionals don't use their incumbency to generate more sales.  Doing good work is not enough.  Being connected to the senior staff and leveraging relationships does yield more business easily.

Learn to use your position to network, develop high level relationships and secure more revenues for your company.  Develop the skill to feel confident and comfortable working with corporate and agency executives.

More Information;      Table of Contents;    Excerpts;    Testimonials

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MANUAL and WORKBOOK on Selling

C-Level Selling Reference Manual

 C-Level Selling ManualSolve Selling Problems Immediately

 A Must for Every Sales Office

This new Selling Reference Manual offers 273 professional strategies, actions and/or techniques that address selling problems. Just refer to the index of “50 Tough Situations and Difficult Problems and you’ll find at least 10 ideas for your specific issue. The Outline Format makes it quick and easy to use.

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There has never been anything like this for selling – answers at your fingertips to close the deal – no matter your situation or problem. 

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Increase sales, Improve closing ratios, Shorten selling cycles

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Matching Chemistry's      

This one hour session will make you aware of your style and other people’s traits so you can have good chemistry.  Once practiced, clients at all levels will want to see you again and again.

 “After using Matching Chemistry’s, a standoffish prospect who only had 15 minutes related so well to me that he kept us talking for 90.  When we met again at a bid meeting, he shared critical information that gave me a significant advantage over my competition.”         Jeff Hansen, VP EarthTech Engineering, Div. Tyco.   



Learn the questions to:

  •  Relax people immediately.  

  • Recognize how they want to communicate with you. 

  • Get them talking, telling and revealing everything you want to know.  

  • Move them forward to commitment

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Take Me To Your Leader$ -- 2 CD SeminarC-LEVEL SELLING CDS
by the leading sales expert on C-Level Selling

C-Level Relationship Selling

Sell 2-3 times more immediately using the C-Level Relationship Selling process.

No strategy, no tactic, and no technique is as effective for closing more and more sales. 

This Amazing 2 CD Seminar Makes C-Level Relationship Selling Simple Immediately

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C-level selling cdsMore CDs

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Take Me To Your Leader$

Actions to Develop and Use Executive Relationships

Download our books to you PDA's and computers to read them they way you prefer.

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E-Mini Course  

C-Level Proposals and Presentations

Win the Projects and Contracts You Pursue  - Proven Successes of an Expert - 

7 Videos describing preparing for proposals & delivering them - whether written of verbal

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Getting Past Gatekeepers and Handling Blockers     Free

Retail Sales / Selling Guide    Free

Hiring Strong Sales People    Free