Sales Consulting and Coaching

An outside look is very important for the growth every company's sales.  Sam Manfer has brought fresh eyes to many clients that has revealed important insights into their businesses that were overlooked, ignored, or forgotten.    It is very difficult to coach yourself.

Sam put a process in place that reduced bid and proposal costs by 30%, increased win rates from 33% to 83% and doubled sales in one year. 

  Dan Ozley, VP, Satellite Systems, Lockheed Martin

Implementation of different sales concepts, that work, is a mental shift that can only happen when one is coached through it.  Otherwise, one thinks s/he is doing all the right things and creates excuses explaining his/her shortfalls. 

Common Clues - You Question

  • Are my sales people as good as they need to be or could be?
  • Are the managers teaching, mentoring and holding their people accountable?
  • Can forecasting accuracy be improved?
  • Am we getting 100% of the business from 100% of our customers?  Is it possible?
  • Am I worried about sustaining sales growth in the future?

These and many more issues confront senior managers every day and this is where Sales Mastery provides coaching that pays-off immediately.

Sales Mastery has been consulting and coaching Fortune 100ís and smaller companies with innovative and timely sales strategies, appraisals and suggestions since 1995. We focus on processes that are supported and implemented from top to regional management
Areas of Expertise

  • Generating Sales
  • Sales Plans and Sales Strategies
  • Large Account Management Plans and Strategies
  • Top Level Relationship Selling
  • Bidding and Proposal Preparation and Presentations
  • Sales Team Assessments and Recommendations
  • Forecasting and More
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