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7 Video Chapters on preparing & delivering C-Level Proposals and Presentations --

Take Me To Your Leaders - Sell More Now - The Complete Guide to C-Level Selling--  $9.95
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Solutions to Tough Selling Problems & Difficult Situations - The Compete E-Book-- $39.00
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Leaders Make the Decisions, but --  $4.99
You're Stuck with the Subordinates and Administrators

2 Customer's Interested, But Nothing Happens - The Sales Stalls--  $4.99
No Return Phone Calls
3 Prospect Needs My Services --  $4.99
Can't Get the Execs to Meet with Me
4 C's Prefer the Ones They Know --  $4.99
Lots of Entertainment, yet Little Sales
5 Don't Know Who's Making the Final Decision --  $4.99
Many People are Involved and Influence the Decision

Top Down Selling Would Be Great --  $4.99
Cold calling doesn’t work and it is a demotivator


Networking Is Uncomfortable --  $4.99
Limited information and no access to key decision-makers


How to Handle Gatekeepers and Blockers --  $4.99
The main contact is in control of your success or failure

9 Powerful People Make You Nervous --  $4.99
But subordinates keep pressing you for lower prices
10 Senior Exec's Are Too Busy --  $4.99
And lower levels just want to see more
11 It's Been Delegated or There's a Committee --  $4.99
They say the boss is only a rubber stamp
12 Penetrating C-Suites Is Impossible from a Sales Person's Level -  $4.99
So how can I develop senior executive relationships?
13 The Embedded Competitor --  $4.99
The senior exec is tied to the incumbent
14 How to Establishing Credibility with Top Level Execs --  $4.99
Holding the Leader's Attention After You Say "Hello"
15 It's Uncomfortable Selling to Influential Leaders --  $4.99
Big Ego's Come with Big Titles
16 Building Confidence Quickly --  $4.99
Feeling Unworthy to Meet the C's
17 Keeping the Exec Engaged and Excited --  $4.99
Learning the Exec's Hot Buttons
18 Sales People Are Comfortable Telling --  $4.99
Exec's want to do the talking
19 Learning What the Real Decision Criteria Will Be --  $4.99
Prospects Don't Open-Up or Are Not Truthful
20 Getting the Leader to Be Comfortable Relate to You Quickly --  $4.99
Matching Your Chemistry's
21 Differentiating Your Offering from Competitions' --  $4.99
Appealing to All in Group Presentations
22 Being the Preferred Supplier Takes More Than Good Work --  $4.99
Meetings to Become Associated with Solutions
23 Considered One of the Good Vendors Means Not Preferred --  $4.99
No Time, no access, no reason for Relationship Building
24 Competitors Keep Stealing Share --  $4.99
We Do Good Work. Top Relationships Are Solid
25 Maintaining #1 Supplier Status --  $4.99  
Capturing 100% of Clients' Business
  The Complete E-Book/Workbook Set  --  $39.00
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