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C-Suite Selling Is Where You Will Win the Sale and Cross Sales

C-Suite Selling Is Where You Will Win the Sale and Cross SalesThe reason for C-Suite selling is to attain the final yes on a contract or sale.  Additionally, C-Suite selling is the most effective way to generated excitement to start a project or sale.

So what excites C-Suite executives to buy and/or initiate projects?  It’s the expectation to eliminate problems or attain desires.  Uncover those problems and desires and you’re on your way to closing.  This is C-Suite selling. Push your products and services and you’re on your way to the exit.

The final yes can only come from the C-Suite. If it’s a huge company, the C-Suite may be too high.  Basically every sale of any magnitude or consequence is decided by the person ultimately responsible for profit or loss - the profit center leader. In smaller companies this person is in the C-Suite.  In larger companies it can be a General Manager, or other senior sounding titles. 

Many subordinates play “dress-up” claiming to be the final yes, yet somehow they always have to check with one more authority – the real final C-Suite yes. Subordinates do the legwork – pricing, screening, negotiating, and even can say no and kill your deal. But only one person can say yes and it happens. 

Stick with the subordinates and you’ll lose control and time – sales cycles are on the subordinate’s time frame. Stick with the subordinates and you’ll lose knowledge – you’ll never know what’s really going on. 

So get to the C-Suite executive.  This is where the ultimate decision lies.  C-Suite selling is how to quickly initiated a project or change.  C-Suite selling is how you can impact upsells and cross-sells.  C-Suite selling is how you can overcome budget and pricing issues. C-Suite selling is developing relationship that will give you a completive edge.

C-Suite selling is how you will gain significant advantages.  C-Suite selling is how will get the most accurate information, the most honest feedback and the most expeditious actions required to attain the final yes. 

And Now I invite you to learn more.

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