PBO Helps Bring In $200 Million of DVD Maker's Wafers

A Testimony from Brian Lin, PhD, Sr. Account Manager, TSMC

As a result of the Tak’n It To The Streets session with Sam Manfer, TSMC secured a DVD maker's wafer business for a $200M opportunity.  In the process we expanded our range of contacts, got to the COO and CFO and captured 100% of this manufacturer’s wafer business.  Without these interactions we could have easily lost $100 Million to competition.


          Before the session my focus was mainly engineers and operations people.  The project was moving slowly and I was getting frustrated.  I had paid attention to the COO over time mainly for operational needs, but, I didn’t think of him as one to contribute to this sales opportunity. So I didn’t ask for his help.  Then, in the workshop, Sam helped me to realize he was critical.  He explained what I needed to know from the COO and helped me prepare the questions to get it. 


I met with the COO.  I asked about his concerns.  I listened to his worries about the capacity risks, the new technology risks, the costs risks and the risk of their sales growth.  I went back and looked for solutions and then proposed them to him.  I asked for his opinion and recommendations and together we developed the solution that was right for him.  Since he was part of the solution, he took ownership and became a great coach and TSMC’s supporter.  The mask set NRE and prototype cost were quickly approved.


          The CFO was also vital.  He had critical financial issues that I was unaware of until I met with him.  The $1-2 Million investment had to make financial sense, but the unit costs had to give them a competitive advantage.  I learned that the growth issues were the real drivers of the sale – not operational efficiencies.  We showed him how TSMC could help them get a business edge.  If we had focused on the cost of the wafer, we would have lost his vote and the deal. 


Most importantly, I developed a professional relationship with the CFO and COO so that I now have access to them for valuable information on future projects.  I am also in position to meet with the CEO.


Tak’n It To The Streets Really Works


          We all took Strategic Selling and Take Me To Your Leader$ a few years ago and it was a good education, but we never implemented them efficiently because nobody made us use them.  Consequently we forgot most of the concepts.  Tak’n It To The Streets was a great refresher, and made me realize how systematic the processes are.  The concepts fit TSMC’s complex sales perfectly and should be our daily routine. 


Before the sessions, we would usually just jump-in with the functional people on anything they threw at us.  Sam’s coaching made me stop being reactive and become more strategic - thinking more about qualifying a good project for TSMC and developing a systematic plan before investing in it.  It changed my mindset.


Tak’n It To The Streets is not just another process.  It is a perfect match for our demand generation business initiative.  The sessions really showed how to put the training to work.  Look at the results of this customer alone – it will generate $200 Million of wafer revenue for this year; help us grow business by being more competitive, and helped us secure 100% of this clients wafer business, and we did it at a higher wafer price.  It is a win-win.  This is a process that  really applies.  It will have a big, ongoing impact for our success.

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