Sodexho Wins 4X Food Service Contract for Memphis Baptist Hospital Chain

Edddie Bonds - Sales Manager Southeast, Sodexho Healthcare

One of my clients recently let me assist him with a tough sale.  He was initially reluctant because he was concerned how his management would view his competence as a sales manager.  He did however have a critically important sales opportunity on the table.  Still he didn’t think of using me as a resource until, in his words, “I tickled his brain with a different perspective.”


After the first 1 hour strategy session, Eddie's comments was, “Sam, you brought out critical pieces of information that I had not seen or seen differently.”


We then assessed probability of success.  He was thinking 80% and I showed him 60% using my analytical forecast tool.  We then determined what levers had to be pulled to increase his probability.


A week later, after a few more sales calls, we strategized again.  We built a two-tier strategy to improve his position now that he had good information, and to leverage what good relationship he had built and wasn’t using. 


Then, for a critical meeting with the CFO we did a Sales Call Plan.  He freely admitted that this sales call preparation was different than what he would have done.  The sales call went beautifully. 


As we discuss the situation and developed actions, he became far more proficient in taking his selling and management skills to another level of effectiveness.  "Being aware of the concepts and the actual use of the concepts is a mental shift that can only happen when someone coaches you through it," Eddie said


Eddie's Comments along the way were:

“I realized that competition and price were not the deciding issues.”

“My coach was not a coach and the real decision makers were not as obvious as I thought initially.”

“The real needs and wants of the individuals have to come directly from each person.”

“Everyone will tell you exactly how to sell them if the interview is conducted correctly.


His final comment was,

 “Before you (Sam), I thought we had run 3 good laps and if you hadn’t gotten involved we would have easily lost the sale on the 4th lap.” 


He won the sale which was 4 times bigger than their typical sale.


If you would like to hear the actual post sale interview, I have a CD that you can listen to.

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