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    Buying Triggers CD Seminar


Turn on Buyers Like Lights


Well read on to learn:

  • The 4 Buying Triggers

  • How to get a Buyer to tell you his / her triggers

  • How to pull the Triggers so Buyers buy immediately


Buying Triggers are like magic. 


If you know a prospect's Buying Triggers, you'll know how to close


Buying Triggers answer:

  • Why someone buys

  • Why someone buys from you, or

  • Why someone buys from someone else

If you've ever wondered:

"What is it about people? Why is it that some people are interested and others aren稚?  Even people in the same company or with the same position, even people with the same problems and similar conditions.  Why? Why? Why? "

Well, the Buying Triggers CD Will Answer These Whys!

This One Hour CD Seminar


  • Defines the 4 Buying Triggers to analyze a prospect immediately .

    • This information tells you within seconds whether or not the prospect wants to buy and what it will take to sell him/her.

  • Defines indirect Buying Triggers - How to develop and spot the ones that fit you.

    • These will focus your prospecting in places that you値l have the best chances of succeeding now and in the future.

  • Will show you how to use these Buying Triggers to win prospects over.

    • Once you know the Buying Triggers you can pull them and you値l become the preferred supplier.

  • Teaches how to use these Buying Triggers, for prospecting and lead generation.

    • You will build your book of future business and keep your pipeline constantly full.

  • Puts you in control of prospects and customers.

    • Your prospects and customers will tell you all the useful information of how to sell them.  You can then decide what to present and how to close.

Knowing and using Buying Triggers will put the joy back into prospecting and selling because you'll be more successful. You値l be eager to approach your market place because you値l control rejections.  You値l have no wasted time bouncing from one door to another and the money will keep rolling in!


Once you know and use prospects' Buying Triggers,

  • You値l get buy-in;

  • You値l get networked to others;

  • You値l get their support;

  • You'll know if they are the right people;

  • You値l get positively positioned for more and more orders;

  • You'll get more sales; and

  • You値l be singing all the way to the bank.

(60 Minutes) ----  $49.95  

It's Guaranteed

Sure you池e thinking, the price is OK, but can Sam really make me better? Well, let me guarantee you that I can. I致e done it for myself and for the thousands of sales people I致e trained and coached since 1995.  And if you're not satisfied with this CD, I will return your money.  All I ask is that you tell me why.


Here's what others have to say:

填sing what Sam taught us, increased our hit ratio from 38% to 68% for complex sales we selected to pursue.

- Bill Bowden, Sales Training Manager, Emerson Process Controls


"Sam effectively describes that just getting to people is not enough to keep you there.  Learning their Buying Triggers is what causes prospects to buy from you and to establish ongoing relationships. "

Randall H. Radcliff, Vice President Sales and Marketing, PacifiCare


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