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Yes, the 7 powerful steps offered here helped me;
  • Win an $800 million dollar highway and bridge project in Southern California, for my client.
  • Close a $46 Million Contract with the US government for tooling and assembly of Hummer vehicles, and
  • Earn millions of dollars in commissions by winning 84% of large industry and government jobs I pursued.

I won these contracts by building exciting proposals and staging convincing presentations.

And These 7 Steps Will Work For YOU Also

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Why Companies Win Contracts

Anyone who knows their business can put together a good proposal and a presentation. However, some companies seem to consistently win the big ones while other get them once in a while?

Itís not because of price. Itís not because they are the best. Itís not because they know people. Itís not because itís their turn.

Itís because they know how to explain and present their proposals in a way that makes the buyers trust and believe the project will be done successfully and better with them.

Itís All about Buyersí Feelings

Although many competent companies submit proposals, buyers select only one based on the feelings they develop of whoís the best choice for the job. Do you know how they develop those feelings?

There are Three Key Factors

Project understanding, company competence, and trust are what builds the feeling of success in buyers. I will explain how to show you have these factors and how to build trust through your proposal and presentation.

Whatís Your Success Rate?

Iíve put together hundreds of presentations and proposal that have won an astounding 74% of mine and my clients target projects (yes, I track them). Itís not magic. Itís not luck. Itís skill and itís easy to learn for those wanting to win more contracts with less resources.

Think about what multi-million dollar contracts cost you - in time, money, people, and other resources - to build a proposal with a follow-on presentation? Itís a lot. I know because Iíve done it hundreds of times

How would you like your success ratio to be 70% or better? I can show you how. Iíve done it for myself, the companies I worked for, and for my clients over and over again.

The 7 Steps

(1) The Pre-Proposal, (2) Selecting the Right RFPs, (3) Preparing for the Written Proposal, (4) Writing the Proposal, (5) Presentation Tactics, (6) Preparing and Rehearsing the Presentation - The Presentation, Handling Q&As, & Wrapping-Up, (7) Post Award Strategies for More Sales - Win or Lose.

I will go through all of these in detail and give you the tactics and subtle strategies that give buyers the confident feeling that youíre the one they want to hire. The feeling that you represent success, and the feeling you can deliver that success to them and their company or agency.

Yes, You Know A Lot About Proposals And Presenting.

But, Do You Want To Be Better?

Donít believe for a minute the proposal and presentation are a formality or that the award is decided before the presentation. You know certain vendors / contractors are preferred and get an unfair percent of the business. However, their status is not an accident, luck or that they are the best. Itís they know how to present and work with-in the ropes and deliver quality work.

Do You Believe You Win Because You Do Quality Work

Yes, quality is important, but all your competitors deliver quality work or they'd be out of business. It's the work with-in the ropes and the presentations that close the deal. Iíll show you how to do these to perfection.

Iíll show you how youíve done it in the past and won, as well as how you didnít do it in the past and lost. I will make you conscious of all the things youíve done and all the things you havenít done so that you can use them moving forward.

You'll Know Exactly What It Will Take To Win and How to Do It.

This 6 part mini-course is easy to use.  Each part is less than 15 minutes. 

Youíll learn:

  • How to know your chances of winning long before the proposal is issued and what you can do to improve those chances quickly.

  • How to build the proposal - the wording that leaves the impression with the casual or in-depth reader that you truly understand the work to be done and you have the capability to do it correctly, on-time and with-in budget,

  • How to build the confidence with the evaluation committee and their bosses that youíre the right choice over the other competitors.

  • How to build the presentation so that when youíre in the situation, all the buyers are building the feeling of trust, believability and youíre the horse to ride for a successful project.

  • How to get your team ready, what to do, what to say, what to ask, and what to show competence and uniqueness.

  • How to show you value proposition so that the buyers relate to it and your competition can not come behind you and say they can do that also.

  • How to handle questions that get all the buyers nodding in agreement to your answers.

  • How to wrap-up and address any lingering concerns, and

  • How to close the presentation so that the audience leaves with the attitude that youíre the contractor for the project.

Donít wait to act. In this recession there is limited business and competition is everywhere. You need an edge now!

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