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Advanced Sales Training Topics

Sales Mastery has proven sales training processes.  Thatís why our participants become so successful.  Our strength is showing sales people and sales managers how to implement the training.  Our focus is on  finding prospects, developing them into clients, and then establishing C-level and executive relationships with ultimate decision makers.  This all leads to more sales, more referrals, more up-sells and more ..... 


Sales Mastery sales training works.  We have tens of thousands of satisfied sales people who work for companies or for themselves who became twice as successful by working with Sales Mastery.


ďBefore working with Sam, 30% of my sales people went to Presidentís Club.  After Samís presentations, seminars and coaching, 70% of those same people went to Presidentís Club.Ē

- Deborah Surrette, EVP Sales StelCom

At Sales Mastery

  • Get to the top people and win them over using our C-Level Relationship Selling process

  • We show how to interview and engaging; how to match chemistryís; how to use buying triggers and; how to attain critical information to impact presentations and closings.

  • We show how to prepare proposals that make buyers believe your the best alternative among competitors or other alternatives.

  • We show how to build confidence using our Trinity Process so buyers see the sales person as creditable and believable.

  • We show how to find more business quickly and easily using our Opportunity Matrix process.

  • We show how to forecast with 90% accuracy using our unique 3-question method .

  • Using our Doer-Seller Process, we show architects, engineers, accountants, and other professionals how to use their presence and credibility to pave the way for more sales.

Sales Mastery is customized for all our clients.  We interview managers and sales people to learn their issues.  Then we put together programs tailor-made for their industry and type of customer.  We work with managers ahead of time so they can make the training takes-hold.  We focus on success and if itís not working we stick with you at no extra cost until sales success is accomplished. 


Sales Mastery sells sales.  We do not sell training seats.  We are there with our customers every step of the way.  We develop sessions that fit the schedule of busy, on-the-clock sales people and managers.  Whether itís in person, by phone or on the web, Sales Mastery shows people how to find the right prospects, win them over and close the sale Ė in less time and with fewer resources.


Sales Mastery sales training is very interactive.  There are no case studies or theoretical ideas discussed.  Everyone brings their examples and actual sales they are trying to close.  People leave with bona fide strategies and game plans for at least two actual sales they are pursuing or account plans or sales call plans, etc.


The participants learn with their peers.  A concept is presented.  The trainee then uses it in his/her situation and then it is discussed with their 4-5 person workgroup.  Itís a group learning experience with each person helping the other.  When thatís finished, the whole group (20 Ė 25) discuss any issues, concerns, clarifications, revelations or aha moments.



The most important part of the training is the management piece.  Those responsible for managing are shown how to manage the processes.  Sales training will not succeed without a support / management effort.  Independent sales people are also shown how to self-manage and how to develop a support system to follow-up and lean-on in order to implement the new behaviors.


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