Tak’n It to the Streets Coaching for Sales Managers

Purpose To Make Sales Training Stick


Making actual sales concepts work is a mental shift that can only happen when one is coached through it and held accountable for implementing.  Otherwise, one thinks s/he is doing all the right things and creates excuses explaining his/her rational. 



It is not unusual for sales managers and sales people to attend sales training and actively participate, yet, not really make any significant changes.  In reality these sales managers and sales people believe they are implementing the concepts.  It is when they are really shown using their own sales opportunity that they begin to understand what they need to do. 

It is amazing how little control and influence most sales people have over the sale or renewal.  Even though they are relatively successful, customers decide based on criteria usually unknown by the sales person or manager. 


Sales training is like watching a golf or ski video.  While watching it, you feel you’re doing what the instructor is suggesting.  You may even be a “good golfer/skier”.  But, until the instructor shows you your swing/form (on video or otherwise), you’ll never appreciate what you are doing and/or doing incorrectly. 




1.      Coaching to Strategize and Close Complex/Tough/Big Sales Opportunities


Work with a Sales Manager and a Sales Person on an important/complex/difficult sales opportunity to demonstrate the power of correctly using my selling concepts and techniques.


A.     Conduct a tier one strategy session.  This session will focus on red flags, strengths and information needed.  We will brainstorm possible actions and then determine the best actions, assign responsibilities and completion dates.  Tier one usually means developing strategies to get to the influential people and get all the necessary information to determine position. 


In a separate call with the sales manager, show how to assess a forecast probability and show what

leverage point will improve the probability of success.


Time Required 1 ½ Hours.


B.     Interim Reviews with sales manager and the sales person after certain sales calls are made, and after more information and positions are revealed.

 Time Required ½ Hours


C.     Tier two strategy session, to again review red flags, strengths and information needed.  However, the focus now will be to improve poor positions and maintain good positions with influential Buying Influences.  Develop actions to leverage strong relationships.

 Time Required 1 Hour



2.      Coaching for Sale Call Planning. 


As with the Sales Opportunity sales call planning should be demonstrated in order for a sales manager to know how to coach his/her sales people before they go out on sales calls.  Although it sounds as though it should be obvious, it is not.  No where along their career path did sales manager learn how to coach.  They were usually good sales people.  They then jump in and sell for the sales person to make sure the numbers are met rather than teach them.  For those that do teach, they usually use their style and method which may not be good for all.

 The sales person needs this for the same reason.  They never learn how to make effective sales calls.  They tend to meet with the same low influence people and go over the same issues.  Then they complain about price and competition.   The sales person, sales manager and I will build a sales call plan.  We will discuss all that’s required to develop a win-win relationship with a buyer, get commitments and move the sale forward.


Time Required 1 Hour.


3.      Coaching for Pipeline Reviews Session. 


As with the others, sales managers feel they are effectively reviewing their sales people’s pipelines on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  However, the principles of this review are not understood or enacted to (1) assess the true possibility (forecast) of closures and (2) assess the sales person’s behaviors that need improvement. 


This session will require a ½ hour briefing with the manager before the actual territory review and

then a 1 – 1 ½ hour actual review with a sales person.  The manager will run the review based on the

briefing and I will listen.  After the review, I will debrief the manager on what went well and what to

consider for future reviews. 


Total Time Required 2 Hours


One segment is risk and expense free to prove that it works.  What do you have to lose compared to what you have to gain.

If you find it valuable and want to do it with other managers call for pricing.  However, first decide what a sale is worth.  A sales call alone cost you anywhere from $3000 - $10,000.


This full menu is 5-6 hours and includes recording of all sessions.  It can be customized to suit your particular needs.  The typical price range for a total engagement would be $3000.  What is it worth to have a manager competent to help their people become proficient sellers and to accurately assess sales opportunities?


Let me know when you want to do a sample segment. 


Sam Manfer

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