The Number One Agenda Item for 2010 is Sales ......



In Less Than a Month

This past year I coached a team of business development people and project managers bidding on a engineering project worth $ 1 billion - and we won. 

I was also put on a guaranteed retainer by a company selling to doctors and I helped their sales people and manager increase sales 37%.

Yeah, it sounds incredible, but it's for real.  I help companies and sales people:

  • Steal from competition,
  • Hold-onto their jobs - as others are laid-off,
  • Get clients to buy even if they are reluctant to spend money, and
  • Get to top decision makers and get them to shake money free for you.


Most people have fitness trainers or golf / tennis instructors, and/or psychologists.  Even your kids have coaches and teachers to help them learn and grow.  So why not have one to improve the skills that pay your bills. 


For the past 15 years, I’ve been training and coaching sales people and their managers.  Those who have implemented my advice are richer, retired with money or have been promoted.  People like Dan Ozley, VP Sales, Lockheed Martin whose team’s closing ratios went from 33% to 83% in less than one year.  Dan is now living luxuriously in Florida, retired in his late 50s.

 I’ve coached hundreds of sales people and managers but it’s always been part of a corporate package.  But now I’m opening the door for sales people or sales managers to sign-up for themselves or for individuals on their team.  And what’s more interesting, it’s less than 1/5th the price I charge my corporate clients and I GUARANTEE SUCCESS.


“Using what Sam taught us, increased our hit ratio from 38% to 68% for complex sales we selected to pursue.” 

Bill Bowden, Sales Training Manager, Emerson Process Controls


This coaching consists of five (5) one hour phone sessions with me to address your particular selling situations and needs, and you’ll get a CD of each session for you to listen to over and over again. 

      2 - sessions on sales strategies for your sales pursuits,

      2 sessions on sales calls that you're making,

      1 session on prospecting and optimizing your funnel, or

Customized to meet your specific needs.

We’ll discuss your personal challenges and/or areas you’d like improved before hand. You’ll receive some minor preparation work and then we’ll set-up the phone discussions.  A CD will be cut of each session and sent to you only for your ongoing reviews. 


Sure you or you’re team have been selling for years, and you all think you’re doing the right things, but if you want more, you’ve got to improve.  The secret however is in the small things, such as customer focus (you instead of I), interviewing instead of asking questions, exposing and enticing rather than presenting, and much more.  You’ll learn all these subtleties.   We discuss them and role play actual scenarios you’ll be selling into.

We’ll cover Lead Generation, Sales Strategies, Effective Sales Calls, Networking to Leaders, and Relationship Selling for Account Penetration and Management in addition to your specific requests. 

Sales people will learn how to be effective and efficient generating quality leads and closing sales.

Sales managers will become better leader and be seen as a creditable, mentor and coach by management and staff.  They’ll learn to manage activities, not people and hold each person accountable for desired results.  Quota worries will be eliminated by having reliable forecasts systems and quality pipelines.


Sales People, Business Development People and Account Managers, Sales Managers

Do you feel you’re not as good as you want to be and want to do something about it? When we are through, you will be twice as good and on your way to the top 10% of your company.

If you’re an independent sales person and just want to be richer, I’ll show you how to prospect without cold calling, and close 70% of your pursuits.  You’ll start singing your way to the bank immediately.

If you’re a sales manager, I will show you the selling processes, and how to train your people to work them, and how to hold them accountable to using them and producing sales.

 Sales Managers


Do you have some people with potential, but need some help? Sign them up.  You will not find a better personalized sales training program at this price anywhere.


Are you struggling to get more or the most out of your sales team?  We’ll work on managing the sales processes so that you can double closing ratios to 70% while creating lasting, productive changes with your sales people right away.


General Managers

Are you tired of bid and proposal costing a fortune and closing in 30% or less?  We’ll get them to 70% with half the resource you now use.  And close them in half the time.  Long sales cycles will be a thing of the past.

Do you need more sales to finish the year?  Sign-up your team now - the better the sales person the bigger the return. Every person will develop powerful strategies for near term pursuits they are trying to close before year end.

Are there opportunities that must close, yet, you’re concerned?  Register the team leader and we’ll structure the development around these opportunities.  You’ll know in a heart beat whether you have a good chance or you’re wishful thinking.  The sooner you know the more time you’ll have for recovery if necessary. 

If one opportunity closes or we spot losers and free up your resources to find ones that will close, it will pay for your investment many times over.


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Managers are being judged on actively recruiting good sales people and making room for them by replacing poor performers.  If they wait until there is an open position, it’s seen as a negative to their management skills.


So even if you make you’re quota, it may not be good enough if everyone is exceeding theirs.  Blame the economy or the company or your territory and you’ll be gone.  Excuse making does not pay the bills and termination happens in many ways.  Sales managers, sales people, and business development people are all being judged.  It is all about, “What have you done for the company lately compared to your peers and your competition?”


The best way to stay ahead of both corporate competition and competition chasing your customers is to invest in yourself to get better.  If you feel you don’t need to get better you’re living on borrowed time.  Sales people and managers out of work trying to network, call me regularly to complain how good they were, but the “unrealistic senior manager” wanted more.  Well that’s business.


If you feel you can get better teaching yourself, well, you’d have done it already.  You can’t coach yourself.  Unless you’re already in the top 10%, you’re easily replaceable. 


Remember this.  If you’re involved with producing revenue, retaining and growing accounts or managing these revenue producers, you’re being watched closely.




This personal coaching offer is available for two reasons.  First, companies are freeing up money to improve their people and I'm busy.    Secondly, I’ve reach a point in my career where money is not my focus.  I've raised my 3 daughter in a very lavish style.  I have enough assets.  So now is my time to give back. 




Since this coaching requires 5 phone sessions in business prime time, I can only fit a limited number of clients into my schedule.  Others similar to you are receiving this offer, and I’m accepting only what I can fit in and still enjoy my leasure. I still have my consulting, training and creative work to do so I have to be selective.



There Is No Better Way To Skyrocket Your Selling Career Immediately Than To Have Your Own Selling Coach



Most of the people receiving this offer have bought from me, heard me speak, or been through my training sessions and know I’m the real deal when it comes to coaching sales people.  What I’m offering for this limited time is a great opportunity.


“Before Sam's coaching, 25% of my people went on President’s Club vacations -- Now, 75% go and their quotas are higher.” 

Deborah Surrette of SVP Sales Stelcom


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1.      My work with you will get you to close twice as many sales between now and December 31st as you would without me.  You’ll be able to close 2013 with a strong finish - or - if your fiscal year is just starting you’ll get a great jump on 2014 with a funnel of great leads.

If you’re a sales manager or general manager you’ll double revenues and I know what incremental sales increases at this time of year does to P/L statements, bonuses and/or survival.


2.      My opportunity matrix will generate 4-5 times the quality leads you typically uncover.  Going into 2014, you’ll be in a great position to make your personal or corporate goals. 


3.      You’ll close twice what you use to; make a lot more money; and be seen as a top producer.  Top revenue producers and top managers are the most revered and protected people in their companies.  They get the most support, attention, money and security.  Nobody will mess with top revenue producers.  They are also the most sought after by competitors and others. 


So where do you want to be in your profession?  Are you satisfied with your results? Are you seen as one of the protected?  You may feel secure now, but as your competitors get stronger and as your associates sell more, how well will you compare?  Even Tiger Woods constantly trains with his coach Hank Haney to stay ahead of ever present competitive threats.  And I doubt you’re as good with sales or sales management as Tiger is with golf.





·        Personal attention from me focused on the areas you want to address … Subtleties, techniques and tactics that fit your style, your type of business and your particular sale.  You’d never get this from a public seminar.


·        We’ll build your pipeline and prospecting plan together … Develop exactly how to get high quality leads, who to chase, what to say, how to get to the right people.


·        I’ll show you how to quickly get to influential decision-makers or whomever you want to pursue … You’ll learn how to overcome the barriers and excuses you typically hear and you’ll learn how to get your phone calls returned.


·        Interviewing methods … Learn exactly how to get prospects interested, how to sell them and how to close them.


·        Presentation Skills … You’ll be able to differentiate your offer from others easily and make them believe you can deliver it better than your competitor or their own people.




If you had to attend seminars to learn all this, you’d have to spend 10 full days (5 seminars) with 24 other people just to learn the concepts and terms with no personal attention.  It would cost you at my rates 5 time $497 per session or $2,485.00 plus travel expenses and time away from your family.  Then for my personal coaching to stylize your techniques for your situations, it would cost you (at client rates) $3740.00.


That’s $6,225.00 and you can have it now for $949.  This is an 84% savings.  Just the personal consulting is a $2,991.00 savings.  And if you don’t believe these rates, I’ll give you names of my clients to call.


This is the best investment you can make in yourself. But it gets better




I will make every effort to help you implement this process for your selling success.  If it’s not working and you are doing the preparations and work that we discuss, I will give you unlimited consultations for a year or until your closing ratio doubles or reaches 70%.  For managers I’ll work with you until the closing ratio of your team doubles or reaches 70%.  That means you have a personal coach until you are twice as good as you are right now.


Now show me a better offer than that





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We are talking about a real-life, nuts and bolts, down-to-earth, step-by-step coaching for pumping out sales that will make you money.... time and time again. Just one of the solutions or great techniques, or game plans you develop and use could easily pay for your whole investment many times over.


Don't put off holding your spot if you're at all interested. This information could be invaluable to your selling career and could be worth many tens of thousands of dollars in your future income and your company’s revenues. Call, fax, or order online today and be a hero to yourself, your family and your company by the end of the week.




Order today and I'll include FREE my TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ Selling Problems Reference Manual.  This is a $99.00 value.  And just to "sweeten" the deal I will also include FREE my 2 hour TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ CD Seminar, a $49.00 value.  All together that’s a $6,371.00 value for $949.  That’s a savings of $5422.00 and it’s guaranteed.





1.      5 one hour phone coaching sessions with me with virtually no lost field time.

2.      5 CD’s of the sessions for listening to for your reinforcement.

3.      My Solutions to Selling Problems Reference Manual - the closest you’ll come to having an ongoing personal coach.

4.      My TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ 2 hour, 2 CD  seminar.

5.      My Guarantee that you’ll double your closing rate.


Still Not Convinced


Order now and I will send you immediately my CD Seminar Series:

·        Getting Past Gatekeepers and Handling Blockers

·        Business Development During This Recession

·        Matching Chemistry's

·        Interviewing and Presenting

·        Buying Trigger

This is a $257 package.


So the total package is $6628 for only $949.00


It just doesn’t get any better than this in the professional world.


After using the C-Level Selling Relationship Manual a prospect who could only give me 15 minutes kept talking for 90 minutes.  I got so much proprietary information that I didn’t know what to do with all of it  Not only did he relate to me, but when we met again at a bid meeting, he came up and shared critical information that gave me a significant competitive advantage.”

 Jeff Hansen, VP AECOM Engineering


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Reserve Your Seat Now - Call Me - (949)-634-6263 to discuss or email immediately to hold your spot or a few spots for your people.  If you’re strapped, we can split your payment into 4 monthly’s of $238 each.


Don’t Wait.  Call or Email Immediately




Sam Manfer


P.S. Still not convinced you need this "cutting edge" personal coaching? Let me give you one more reason why I think this is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone serious about their future in selling.  If you are not performing at your peak performance you're losing sales, which means money you could be spending on you or saving for your family’s future!


Remember the longer you wait, the more sales you miss.


P.P.S.  Guess what? This coaching package is most likely covered by your corporate expense account, or if you’re independent, it’s tax deductible because it’s educational as it relates to your job.


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